Where Else am I?

Well I’m glad you asked!!  I am also taking up space on the web on these sites:




My SayNow number is 1 (941) 932-4952




If a site is not listed here it means it is not mine!  I hope we can connect on at least one of these!!






  1. amandarosex3 Said:

    thanks for posting this! it helps to clear up all the fakes. and im happy to say i have used/use 6 of 7 ways to connect with you:)…i dont have a myspace or it would be 7 of 7

  2. Allie:) Said:

    Hi, Allie your my role model My names Alyssa but i go by Allie like you do. I think its cool how far you have gotten in you life. But for someone like me its kinda hard i guess so i want to congradulate you on how far you got. My friend and I want to know will there be another season of Naked Brothers Band were big friends tell Kristina I said hi and hugs and love from the second allie<3

    P.S. sorry for my bad spelling and if you dont read this i understand

  3. Allie:) Said:

    Hey its Allie again the comment above i ment to say big fans im sorry 🙂

  4. Kali Said:

    Allie. I absoulutley love you.

    I have a small problem though see i agree with bullying just like you – it should stop. and my friend gets bullied everyday and the ppl that do it said that if she tellz they’ll kick her *** and break her neck. And shes afraid to tell ANYONE. Please tell me what i should do to help her.

    My youtube is xoxocamprockfanxoxo.

  5. sharlydhi Said:

    Hey Allie, hows it going?
    Im sharly and i think your amazing good luck in the future

  6. Kaelin Said:

    Hey, I loved the Naked Bros. Band when I was a couple years younger(in like third grade) I wanted you to be my sister
    I am in sixth grade now still lylas 🙂
    Hope u r going to a good college 🙂

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