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Can a person have more than one best friend?

This morning I woke up homesick.  Being homesick is one of the worst feelings in my opinion because there is no real quick fix for it.  I woke up so homesick for my best friends.  When my mom asked me what my problem was I told her I miss my best friends.  With a comical and quizzical look she replied “A person can only have one best friend, hence the term “best” because they are the best.”  Hearing this I was befuddled.  After sorting through my friends trying to figure out which one of my close friends was the very best, I told her (in the utmost respectable way) that she was dead wrong.  I told her I missed all five of my best friends for different reasons.  Heres why.

my sentence finisher This is my best friend Kim, also known as Kimbo, Kimber, Kimbado, and Bub…whichever I feel like calling her.  Kim has been my best girl friend in CT since freshman year when she approached me at a football game and said “Hi my names Kim and I can lick my elbow” with the most big and friendly crystal blue eyes I had ever seen.  Since that day I knew we were going to be best friends.  Kim and I have NEVER had a fight. Ever. We don’t even disagree about anything.  We love the same things, hate the same things, and we think the same way.  Literally.  My mom has been with us and has heard her finish sentences of mine that that arn’t even common. For instance I started to say ” Oh my goodness did you see” and she finished my sentence by saying ” the new shirts in the window at forever 21?”  How random right?! That happens all the time!! If we said “jinx you owe me  a soda” every time we would forever be indebted to each other.  She stands by me through everything.  The best nights are when we rent a movie, eat hot fries and talk all night.  She has my back for everything as I will always have hers.

My next best friend is Justin!  This friendship is so convenient for me as Justin is my best guy friend and he is Kims boyfriend…and Kim is my best friend!  How perfect right?  Justin and Kim have been together going on four years now.The best guy friend I already called dibbs on the brides maid.  Not only do I love Justin because he treats my best friend better than anything in the world, but because he is always there for me when I need him.  When I have guy troubles, I first go to Kim, and then to Justin, or sometimes the three of us will talk on the phone or get together.  He always knows how to make me laugh and he is a perfect gentleman which is the only person I would approve for my Kimbo.

aka "Mama" or "Babygirl" I know most of you know Kristina Reyes!  She is another one of my best friends for so many reasons.  Kristina and I made a special bond because we met on the set of NBB.  Filming a television show together makes two people create and share memories that they can never forget.  K and I bonded in a way that I have never experienced before.  She is so caring and kind while also being just as silly as me.  We are always trying to come up with silly jokes and such.  If you haven’t already, please check out our youtube “Damselsinadress” where we basically act like our normal nerdy selves and press record.  K and I have the same interests, and of course we have a burning passion for two things, forever 21 and Taylor Lautner.  My house is also Kristinas as hers is mine.  Same goes for our families.  We are all so close and it was fate that brought us together and I know together we can and will do something great.

The Cute CoupleA friendship isn’t measured in the amount of time you have known the person.  I just met Brooke and I already consider her one of my best friends.  She is my west coast girl.  I have only known her a matter of months and it feels like years! My mom thinks we are “the cutest little couple” because we are both short and always giggly.  In this photo you see her and I in In-N-Out as we pose while stuffing our faces.  It was shortly after this picture that Brooke and I sat in silence for around % minutes because we were laughing.  Don’t ask me what we were laughing about because I have absolutely no idea.  The great thing about this friendship is that it is so genuine.  We are both involved in the business.  Brooke is an actress, singer, and dancer!  You can check out her single “Catch Me If you Can” on itunes!  Being in the business you meet a lot of fake, competitive, and greedy girls, but not this time.  Brooke and I are not competitive with each other at all! In fact we cheer each other on.  Being a newbie to the music field, she is helping me get on my feet as I am helping her get more involved in the acting field.  She is my twin when it comes to fashion, style and music, and we both have a juicy couture key chain that is so hard to find that I have never seen someone else with it before her! I cant even find it in the store!  She is as nice as she is talented and Im so happy I have my little twin to rely on and laugh with whenever I am in Cali!

aka Mo So like I said, Brooke and I are a cute pair of friends because we are both vertically challenged.  However, my next best friend is anything but.  This is Melissa.  She lives in Georgia and stands at around 5’9.  Oppositely, I think Mo (as I call her) make a cute pair of friends because the height difference is so extreme.  Mo and I go way back as we met in the pool in florida when we were eight.  Thats almost a decade ago!  Mo and I have kept in touch over the years and will for the rest of our lives I’m sure of it.  We have both been through so much and have helped each other through those tough times.  She is always there for me even though she is not physically there, I know she is just a phone call away.   She has the biggest heart I have ever known.

So this post is not only dedicated to my mom, but to also my five best friends. Even though most of them live in all different states, they all hold a special place in my heart.

Wow I got really corny in that last sentence.  Long story short,  a person can have more than one best friend and a best friend doesn’t have to be someone you have known for most of your life.  A best friend is some one you trust, be yourself around, and someone who makes you feel like there is no other place you would rather be than in their company.   Think about your best friend, or best friends, and think about all the reasons why you love them.




Nothing To Hide

Like every other teenage girl (and some teenage guys) I hate the way I look when I take my make up off.  I felt so ugly and dull.  I hated the way make up made me feel when it was gone.  I hated feeling like a slave to it, like I couldn’t go out in public without it.

But then I realized that it wasn’t make up making me feel this way…it was me!  I was the reason that I felt this way, not the make up!  I decided that I didn’t want to be dependent on make up..that I should accept myself the way I am naturally.  In this photo, I am “chillin” in bed right before I go to sleep, with no make up, and I like this photo.

I don’t like it because I think I look pretty in it, but because I like that its a picture of me naturally.  This is who I am and what I look like and I accept it.  It’s a great feeling that I believe everyone should feel.   I have nothing to hide!  Now I go out into public without make up all the time thinking nothing of it!  My life is easier because of this new found acceptance!  To everyone wearing make up who feels they are ugly without it…YOU ARE NOT! Everyone is beautiful who they are naturally, inside and out.  I challenge you to take the risk and go out into public without make up on.  You will see that people don’t look at you different.  Being yourself is beautiful.



p.s…ladies, most guys prefer when a girl doesn’t wear a lot of make up, or none at all 😉

First Impressions

First Impression

What Im All About

Im kind of nervous to begin this blog!  It’s my first post and I want to make a good first impression on you my reader.  Well seeing this is my first post, I’m going to treat it like a first date and get the major details out in the open.  So here it goes.

My name is Alexandra Jean DiMeco.  When I was two years old I named myself “Allie” and fifteen years later the nickname is still standing.  If you’re not great at math (like me) then that means I am now seventeen years old.  I was born June 12, 1992 at two pounds thirteen ounces.  These actually are not topics I usually talk of on a first date, but I feel they are appropriate at this time.  (I’m coming to realize this blog is either going to make or break my love life.)  Speaking of dating, I am single in case you were wondering, and if you were not, well then I guess you learn something new every day.  Which leads me into something else you should know about me, I like to use clichés…a lot.

So I’m a single seventeen year old who was born tiny.  What makes me so unique?  Well, I live a privileged life with great family and friends.  My Mom is a single one, and I am an only child.  I have a dog named Chloe and she is a Shih-Tzu.  I wish I had a younger sibling, but my mom told me thats not happening.   I live in Connecticut, Florida, and California.  My life is one big game of musical states.  I love to travel.  It all started when I was six on the national tour of the Broadway show “The King and I”.  We traveled the country with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska…Im planning on traveling to both states soon so I can say I have been to every state and throw a mini fiesta.  I also break out into random spanish…so look out for that amigo.

As you can safely assume from that last paragraph, I am in a relationship with the acting business.  Actually its more like a love affair.  Acting is one of my many passions.  I was given the once in a life time opportunity when I auditioned for a low budget, independent film called “The Naked Brothers Band” and it got picked up and turned into a Nickelodeon television series.  My life has drastically changed for the better since then.  I have fallen head over heels in love with acting and performing.  I act, sing, dance, and play the electric bass.  The show ran for three successful seasons and through that I have experienced things beyond my imagination.  I have met so many amazing people, attended events, charities, and benefits that have impacted who I am as a person greatly, and I have acquired the most amazing and loyal fans.  I truly am lucky and blessed.  I thank God every night for the life he has planned for me.

There is so much more I could write…seriously I tend to ramble.  Anyways to wrap up my first post, I just want to say that I am a very loyal person.  I am a pacifist, an optimist, a best friend, a granddaughter, a niece, a daughter, a writer, a student, a texter, a thinker, video gamer, a nerd, and most of all a lover.

Do you feel inspired?

I hope so.

All my best,


p.s Im going to say this once and set the record for ALL MY POSTS…Im terrible with grammar and spelling and I am going to say a blanket apology now…so Im Sorry!! :)<3