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Ive Got A Secret Im Going To Confess

The war between guys and girls on who is more complicated can go on forever.  Girls will argue forever that guys are more confusing, and guys will argue right back…until their attention wanders to something else.  Sorry guys that was a low blow…just kidding.

Anyways when talking about guys and girls, one of the first questions that arises is “What is your perfect guy” or “What do you  look for in a girl?”  I try avoid seeming shallow and say things I strongly admire and require in the opposite sex like “a good sense of humor, honesty, trustworthiness, family oriented.” Most people like me are afraid that if they say “good looking, handsome, attractive”…or as guys say “hott”, they will sound shallow.   Lets be honest, when we envision our “soul mate” do we hear the sound of their laugh, or the nice things they would say to us? No! We envision smiley eyes, a nice smile, or whatever floats your boat as they say.  We are all human and it is natural for us to have a preference in how a person looks.  To say looks don’t matter is a white lie.  Looks do matter to an extent.  You should be physically attracted to a person enough to still give you butterflies when they flash their pearly whites, or chills when they look at you with their bright eyes.

Heres the explanation.

A person is not simply born with a perfect smile, and smiley eyes.  These characteristics are illuminated because of the good hearted qualities they posses.  A persons good heart will shine through their eyes as their sense of humor will be the brightness behind their smile.

I believe  we all are secretly looking for a person who has good looks to some extent.   When I say “I like a guy with a good smile” it means I think a guy has a good smile for the reasons that he shows it a lot like when he laughs or is trying to cheer me up, or simply that he likes to smile because he is a good, light hearted person.  Those are the most stunning and striking smiles of all…the ones used for good intentions.  Good looks are illuminated by good characteristics.   So when I am asked “What is your ideal guy like?”  I answer that my prince charming is good looking because of the right reasons.  We are all looking for a beautiful person because inner beauty is what is the most valuable and noticeable.

Everyone is beautiful.  If there is someone that is the object of your desire…show them your heart with a smile, or a glance, or a flip of the hair.  Go get em you big beautiful tiger!



p.s rawr 😉