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sing out I am one of the most fortunate people in this world. Care to know why?  Its because when I’m upset, having a bad day, or when I need inspiration, I have over two thousand people that help me out immediately. All I need to do is press play.

Many times Taylor Swift has sung me through heartache, or Jason Mraz has given me the optimism I lacked.  John Mayer even helps me out then I feel stressed.  Don’t be jealous, they can help you too.

Music is so much more than a long list of songs in my itunes library.  Every note and each lyric are steps to a peaceful and happy state of mind.  Im going to get really nerdy here and use an analogy.  Human:Water is My Soul:Music.  Try to ignore the  intense dorky statement and hear me out.  A human needs water to say alive as my soul needs music to stay alive.  Music sets me free.

There is no greater feeling than hearing your favorite song.  When Im in the car and my favorite song starts playing on the radio, I must turn the volume way up and outwardly sing and seat-dance.  Yeah, Im that guy. Im the person you pull up next to and watch as they publicly hand over their dignity with each note and move they unleash from the inside of the car.  But dignity is nothing compared to a good song.  When Im with other people in the car and “my jam” comes on, I actually will warn the people Im with and say “Im fully obligated to sing this song full out”.  Music is the one thing that every person has a weakness for.

My weakness is when Im in bed, getting ready to go to sleep, but Im not tired and I take out my ipod and put my “epitome<3” playlist on shuffle.  With both earphones in, and the volume up loud enough to drown out the rest of the world, I settle into my bliss.  No matter how my day went, that moment, and those songs make it better.  I love to sync my heartbeat to the beat of the song.  Music makes my blood flow, it keeps it flowing.

Today, take a few minutes to listen to your favorite song and get synced.