This is a blog I have created to use for many things.  I plan on using this to spread the word about causes I feel strongly about.   I will utilize this to keep people updated on what I am doing, where Im doing it, and why.  This blog will serve as a narration to my life that everyone can hear.  I have a feeling most of my posts will be random thoughts that I want to get off my chest, out of my mind and into my readers and hopefully inspire them in some way just as I have been inspired.  I just want people to see and hear what Im all about and spread imagination and creativity.  I feel writing is the most powerful thing a person can do.  Through writing, blogging, and just jotting down notes and thoughts, a person can watch their imagination run free and let creativity take over their soul.  Writing says what the heart wants to say.  Basically I have created this blog to give my heart a voice to speak out to others and hopefully create a chain reaction.  Lets let our hearts say what we feel.



  1. amandarosex3 Said:

    wow thats deep! 🙂 cant wait to hear ur inspiring thoughts, what ur up to, and of course the random thoughts!

  2. vandalia1998 Said:

    I’m all about the radomness and the writting.

    I’d write a book or two if I can get the randomness in my head on paper and make since

  3. MixdGrl Said:

    lmao wow! Its kewl reading how you view the world and your blog’s are so inspiring they make me want to go out and change the world myself =)

  4. Angelique Said:

    Hi! Just found out about your blog and had to check it out! Can You also post of things you are in such as movies shows etc? Thanks so much!

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