The Apple Tree

What We've Become “Santa” gave me a Nikon D90 for Christmas las year because he knew I had found a new love of photography.  This photo (left) is one I took in my backyard after I had spend around five hours on the computer surfing different sites like facebook, IMBD, twitter, and playing games and such.  After wasting the majority of my day on my mac, I decided I needed fresh air and went outside, but I couldn’t just go empty handed, I had to have my ipod.  After I stepped out, the beauty of my favorite tree in my back yard was so glorious that I had to take my ipod out of my ears and just gawk at the image in silence.  And then I got a thought.

Feeling inspired, I dressed my ipod on the tree and began to take shots of it with my Nikon.  What am I trying to get at with this pic?  I want everyone to think about our dependence on todays technology.  When someone says the word “apple” most of us think of “apple iphones”, or “apple computers” instead of the fruit, or the tree.  As much as I love my apple products, I am afraid we as people have become too attached; and its not just to apple products, its to modern technology in general.  For example, at first I couldn’t go outside alone, I had to bring my ipod to preoccupy me.  So many kids today, even young ones, are spending more time inside on their computers, wiis, playstations, xbox’s, gameboys, or even just on the couch texting instead of going outside and playing, walking, hiking, “shootin hoops” or whatever else that doesn’t involve technology.  We rely on the internet for everything!  Don’t lie…I know you have, and do use sparknotes since I am guilty as well.  I wish we could bring awareness with the needy, and clingy love affair (obsession) relationship we have developed with modern technology.  Seems hypocritical and something like a paradox that I’m discussing this issue over my internet blog, but I feel this way the issue will be read more.  I want to shed the light on this discussion and hear what you all think.

Do you think people (we) are too dependent on the internet, and are a slave to modern technology?  Where is the line drawn for the age of children that are surfing the internet?  What is a reasonable amount of time to be spending on the computer, watching tv, or with gaming systems?  Do you think we have lost sight of the fact that we don’t need all these things (cellphones, internet, computers, gaming counsoles etc) to live our lives and have a good time while living it?  Let me know what you think.





  1. kiki :) Said:

    i love the picture, ispiring 🙂
    & this blog too!

  2. vandalia1998 Said:

    I too sometimes fall into the techinal must have thing.

    When I used to ride my bike for miles I used to take my ipod with me, well basicly cause I had no one to talk to.

    But now I can ride with out it. (It doesn’t hurt that I can’t recharge it any more LOL

  3. caitlin Said:

    it’s so sad how much time people spend on the internet, texting, and watching tv. I’m just as guilty of it too. I remember when I was younger I use to spend the whole day outside just playing around with my imagination. It’s so sad what the world has to come, there’s no creative fun roaming around, everything kids play with are right there in front of them and way to straight forward :/

  4. Fiore Said:

    Just read your all your blog and i think was amazing; it’s really nice you’re sharing this to us .
    Btw that pic is smart,and cool 🙂
    Ps: im really waitng for next entry 😀

  5. amandarosex3 Said:

    I do think we are all extremely dependent of modern technology today. i know i spend way too much on it whether its the computer, my phone, or ipod. what really showed me how much we depend on it was when almost all of stamford (ct) lost power for a whole week because of a major storm. at first i felt really out of the loop so to say. i had no computer, no cell phone, and no ipod (lucky me got both my cell and ipod taken away just an hour before we lost power). schools were canceled for the whole week in march. it was such a wake up call to me to just how much technology we use in our daily lives. we take advantage of it and are not thankful enough for it. i do have to first i was pretty bored with no power..but after a day or two i started having fun..going outside and playing with my lil brother and sister, talking to my great neighbors, and playing board games by candle light with my family. overall it was a good experience for me and i think you should try going without technology for just a day or two. it puts you in such a different perspective.
    p.s. i too am guilty for using sparknotes once and a while haha 🙂

  6. amandarosex3 Said:

    oh btw..i really love that should post more pics like that! you seem like a great photographer 😀

  7. Taylor Said:

    Very very very true. All my friends and I have xbox’s, I am the only one out of all of them that doesn’t play as soon as they get home from school to about 3 in the morning… They are starting to make “gaming” a career… I laughed so hard when I heard about that.
    For school, they have online report cards, not mailed, not a single one is mailed…
    Most of the time technology is how we spend time outside, with friends, etc. A bunch of people from school and I create teams for Xball Paintball, and we draft a bunch of kids over the internet and we can’t play with as teams until the all legal waivers have been granted. Without the grant, nothing would be established…
    So, basically we have integrated unnecessary technological material into our lives, creating laziness, in a way. We benefit from it and lose manual value from it at the same time with today’s technology.
    Good photo by the way, keep shootin’ with the D90, very good DSLR for the price, keep it up 😉

  8. Danny Said:

    Great photo. It looks amazing

  9. Miranda Said:

    I compltetly agree with you. I recently went out of town and with the exception of my cell phone and rarely used any technology and in return I went out and did more during the day instead of relying on tv to fill my time and my days were a lot less boring and I had a lot more fun. I think it is so important to just step away from technology and just go simply take a walk outside and just enjoy nature especially with the beautiful summer season coming up.

  10. Tat1d Said:

    Yea I Agree With You.

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